KODAK 9000 3D Extraoral Digital Imaging System

In an ongoing effort to provide you with the best care possible, we have recently added the KODAK 9000 3D Extraoral Imaging System to our practice, revolutionizing patient treatment.

The KODAK 9000 3D System is an innovative two-in-one solution providing access to powerful, focused field 3D images.  The capabilities of 3D imaging offer a wide range of diagnostic possibilities such as implant placement, surgical planning, extractions, examination of oral pathologies, and third molar evaluations.

Most importantly, the KODAK 9000 3D System was designed to acquire 3D images on a specific dental region of interest, so technicians are able to target the exact area for the 3D exposure.  This significantly reduces the amount of radiation, delivering 10-30 times less exposure than other dental cone beam CT radiography systems.

Benefits include:

  • High-resolution images – your doctor can view your teeth more clearly

  • Less radiation – more safety

  • Improved patient care – your doctor can perform a wider range of diagnoses, helping reduce multiple visits, saving you time and money

  • Comfortable positioning

  • Focused field of view means that other tissues, such as the brain and eyes, will not be unnecessarily radiated with this unit.